As the weather was good so we took the opportunity to climb the Old man of Coniston – walking distance from Coniston town centre. First things first, buy a map, tea towel and Kendal mint cake from tourist information. 

The first part is perhaps the most tedious. The walk up the road to the car park at the top. Kind of cheating I think to drive. 

Once at the car park the walk is much flatter as you walk round the foot hills of the mountain. The route I take, which is the most varied. Is to walk round the back of the Old man via Goat water. On finding Goat water you  reach a calmer mood as the valley provides shelter from the wind. Super photogenic and a good resting point for a sandwich and juice. 

The valley is also a popular spot for climbers. On first look there are a few dots of red or blue on the cliff face but then you realise they are people. However the best way for me is to walk through the valley to climb up the well trodden path to the summit. 

On reaching the summit you are literally in the clouds. Seeing the water vapour moving towards you is almost as spectacular as the 360 degree view. From the top you see Coniston, Windemere and all the way to Morcombe$$$$ bay and the rest of the Lake District to the north. 

The Tor at the top is big enough to sit by and get shelter but it can get busy with groups. 

The above stone triangle is an ordinance survey point, used to triangulate positions for creation of the map. 
Not sure if it’s true or not but apparently it’s the only place in the UK where you can see England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – on a clear day. 

On the way down you are treated to a green copper coloured lake which has an awesome echo. Followed by an old slate mine. Retracing your steps back to the town is a schlep but all worth it. 

After a long walk one needs to undo all the good work and have fish and chips served with a Dandelion and burdock by lake Coniston. 



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