As of Friday I am now a free man. I quit my job at a well known retailer to try Amazon FBA. It’s been a long time coming and I have been dying to try something on my own. I feel like over the last 15 years in online retail I’ve got loads of experience stored up just waiting to pop out!

So the first day of freedom was full. There is so much to plan and do. I started off with the preparing of the old stock that I had on my old website.

I realised Amazon has changed the way they do Barcodes so I had to reprint them all. Not much trouble but the printer is a bit blury. Hope they scan alright. The Dymo printer is working great. I found the best way of scanning is with the screen grab tool – so good!

Strangely I had the most fun with the plastic bag sealer. 😀 The box is all packed and ready for the UPS guy to collect.

To start with I am using Trello to log all my work and research products. Better then pen and paper or using  my head.

Today has has its extreme highs and lows and sometimes a bit overwhelming . So far so good!



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