The first product is on its way. I contacted the Freight forwarder to find out more about the process and what the fees might be. They were super helpful and offered to be my freight contact in future to be in better control of the goods and the fees.

They detailed I needed to provide the following:

  • Your VAT & EORI number (extended VAT number)  Number (If you do not have one, you can apply for free here): )
  • Original Bill of Lading (please post one to us)
  • Commercial Invoice (copy)
  • Packing List (copy)
  • 10 digit commodity code (if you don’t know it then please check on this link )
  • Deferment account number if you have one (If not, you can use ours for 2% fee of amount of VAT & duty outlaid to HMRC, with minimum charge of £25)
  • Confirmation of delivery address and hours of opening together with any vehicle restrictions that we may need to be aware of.

HMRC sent me my EORI number within hours; trade tariff site was fairly easy – to get the commodity code and the rest was scanned in and sent.

The good news is they are one of the FFs that deal with the China rail freight which is cheaper than air and quicker than sea. Something else to investigate…

Need to provide artwork and mockups for the second third and fourth products. It’s all good!

Redesigning the logo. I am moving away from Didot to Rockwell. It’s less fashion and more outdoorsy.

It’s in development…

So far, each day is very varied and learning something new everyday especially with importing.




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