Bell completed artwork and contacted the freight forwarder to find out about using the train for the bells. I need to find out more of the items for delivery. Weight, dimensions number of boxes and when and where they need to be collected. I just need to make sure the bell colour matches the sticker.

The first FBA shipment went live and sold all 9 horns. I’m not sure how this happened as there are quite a few horns on there already. Perhaps it was a let me know when this is back in stock sale. Perhaps I will find out more about the sale once delivered.

I’m looking to a car accessory at the moment. Odly the sales in this are super high. It’s going out of my usual zone of bikes and outdoors. But who’s stopping me :o)

I find it’s a good idea to develop a business rapport with suppliers so they can get back to you as soon as possible and I don’t have to chase.



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