Today I got my first Notice of arrival from Davies Turner my freight forwarder. This is the notice to tell me the ship is due to be landing at Southampton on 23rd April and it contains my stuff. Apparently everything happens automatically. The FF does this all the time so I am putting my trust in them.

Today I caught up a friend of mine in Greenwich to download all I know from the past week.  Vincent is using the new print on demand service from Amazon which lets designers publish their own work without putting it in a print run. The Brompton bike is now coming into its own now – 30 minutes to Greenwich from Plumstead common.

Once I got back, I sent off artwork for the bell in illustrator format. I adjusted the yellow again. All I need to do now is pay and organise the FF to collect in about a weeks time. Hopefully next time I can order more than 2000 to get the costs down and put it in a nice box.




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