So I bought my second and third product today. All transactions through Alibaba which should make things more secure. It’s a bit alarming sending all that money across the world but I am comforted by the markup on these items.

I spent some more time on the socks design. Apparently more people seem to buy black than white. I guess you have to go with market forces and what you think is right. I have hopefully made them more distinctive with the updated design. I don’t like the idea of just slapping my logo on. I think most of the guys in China have the app installed because they answer me a long time after home time, up to 9pm (Shanghai time). These will be sent hopefully by rail which should mean I won’t have to wait for two months for them to arrive. Perhaps three weeks.

Next week I will have to stop with the product development and look into marketing for the wheels.

Did some negative scanning for a client but good to know there is still demand out there.




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