Today is planning ahead for the social media. I converted some of my accounts to business ones and created some new ones. The different channels have different requirements.

  • Facebook – You open a business profile or page within your own profile.
  • Instagram – You create a login to link with your Facebook profile
  • Google+ – Use the existing login and add a professional profile within
  • Tumblr – I needed to create a new Yahoo account for my image posts
  • Pinterest – Create a new profile for the business profile.
  • Twitter – Two separate emails which you can link the two accounts together
  • YouTube – As part of Google but not clear how I create a channel. Stuff seems to take a while to clear the cache.

The geek in me created a Facebook pixel and created an XML feed to FB to create adverts based on my products on the website. All a bit premature but good to know I can do it!



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