For a while I didn’t want to touch the parts for my product as I was a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of the manufacturing.

My first product photography day. I had no idea it takes this long for it to look good. First I had no idea how to use the camera then all the images were blurry then they were too pixelated. I eventually sorted it with a long exposure. But with four products in the set it was a bit of a mare.

Then lightroom. Not as easy as Photoshop but only because I was using it for the first time. The results were acceptable but can do better with more time. Cutting out in Photoshop is a mare too. This is how I learned why they use a coloured background in a photo studio. To make it easy to cut out in PS.

Not sure I have the right bags for the job but these will do for the first batch. Big production day so not much to report.

Sent cash via swift to the fabric supplier in China. 30% payment for manufacture. Cross fingers for five days…



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