Bit of an annoying on I had to recall my first big shipment last Thursday. I got my first review, and it was a bad one. 1 star and a bad comment. The customer got he package on time but it was missing the wheels and the arms! Instead of contacting me she wrote a bad review. She must have been annoyed! Bascially the packaging wasn’t up to the job. It was quite flimsy and once it gets a cut in it the whole thing opens.

I got a few notifications from Amazon to say that some of the products wern’t fit for selling.  So I assumed it was the bag. I also relised the instructions were wrong once I fitted it on the bike. So with the packaging issue and the potential safety issue I decided the recall everything and start again. I’ll just add the cost of recall to ‘startup costs’!

I cancelled the FBA listing and transfered over to Fulfilled by merchant. The beginning of this week I made a start on the new packaging. Stronger and thicker bag then before. I’m not taking any chances this time. I went with a stand up food bag which you can heat seal at the top. Virtually indestructable. The other lesson I learned is it speeds up the production process which gives me time back for other things.

The socks

So the good news is my socks go into production this week. I signed off the sample and they have the deposit.

I am planning on sending some via express and some by boat. So I can start trading straight away. When these do sell out I will have only a few weeks where I am waiting for the rest to come by sea.

The socks will be bagged and come with a head tag. All items going to amazon have to be bagged. It’s better that china does this then I don’t have to spend time sourcing the bags and bagging!

Car mount

I have been having a few problems shifting my car mount. Turns out there are a few main merchants that dominate the top listings. But I am experimenting with some social and video work. I made a sale in Germany which is a first.

Spending a lot but learning as I go.

The rug

The rug has also gone into production which is great but not without its problems. I sent the cash to the bank address at the top of the invoice but it turns out it was the wrong bank account – an old one. It’s been about 2 weeks where I didn’t know what was going on but finally last night the money has gone back into my account. Around a 3 week delay but I hope they can push on again.

Royal mail

I’ve been signed up to Royal mail business service which looks very complex. It looks a bit pro for my needs. And the website is a total nightmare. They’ve created a series of Youtube instructions on how to use it. If you need to do that there is something wrong with your user experience.



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