I have tried to experiment with pricing to see if I could get some more out of the unit sales. I went from £12.99 to £15.99 for three days. The unit sales went down as well as the total sales for the day so I reverted back to the old price. At least I know now that it’s on at the right price.

As the bike wheels flash as they go round I have been trying to figure out how to do this. The main image for the wheels has to be a cutout so I can’t use a black bacground in the dark. I used the drill attached to the wheel to create the above colours. I think they look great. Perhaps better than they actually look.


Over the past couple of weeks I have been sending off big batches of wheels to amazon. Mostly black and pink. About 45% each. I will be going on holiday soon so it will be interesting to see how many sell while I am away.

The training wheels  have remained on the first page of Amazon. This has to do mainly with the sales velocity, sales and reviews. Only 1 review so far. I think it’s time I modified my email requesting review – customising it for the UK market.

I got my Bike handle bar magnet delivered on Wednesday. I quickly created an MVP listing on Amazon with a few basic pictures. It will be interesting to see if there is any kind of interest. The air vent mobile phone holder has been a slow and steady burn. I am hoping this is a bit more unique to the other offerings.

After holidays I am due to get my bells. 2000 units! I am thinking I could sell for £4.99 with prime. That would make £10,000 in sales. This is it seems my plan. Slow and steady and constant sales through the year to smooth out the peaks and troughs.



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