Day 16 Amazon FBA –

Today is a day out to the British Library. Still an imposing building. The IT and membership is super confusing. I managed to get hold of the electronic copy of the BSI British standard document. To check on product No.1 compliance I need to do 2 tests. I’ll record the tests with pictures and video if need be. They’ed better pass!

I wanted to spend some more time down the business and IP centre at the BL, but the thought of being stuck amongst the commuters at rush hour filled me with dread. I left early. I’ll be back.



Day 15 Amazon FBA – Almost there

The bells are now en route from the factory. I didn’t pass on the shipper details to the factory in China but only a minor error. Difficult to know what information is needed when. Or wether they are introducing themselves as the UK freight forwarder or Chineese agent. Anyway Bianyunliang (Eric) has them now.

Got the invoices through for the duty and taxes. I have no idea how this is worked out. It’s as much as the products itself! I’m going to have to work this all out later – and just pay.

Back to the garden while it’s still warm. Some more trimming of next doors trees.

Day 14 Amazon FBA – Oops up

Product mockup sent through but it turns out they decided to use their own font. Another close one. Always worth a double check. I provided an EPS, PSD and JPG so not much excuse to get this wrong.

The FF quote came through for the bells £397. They are now ready for collection from the factory. I now get the point of using a Freight Forwarder. They look after the whole process from beginning to end. You have to be registered with the government to deal with all things importing/exporting. Plus you get the cost up front.

Planning a journey to the British Library to get my hands on a copy of the British standards for Kids bikes and their components. The standard itself to download from the internet is £240. Cheaper to have a day out to the Euston road!

Day 12 Amazon FBA – Change of mobile plan

The ship has arrived in the Algeciras port on the coast of Spain near Gibraltar.

Turns out the URL has gone for phones&co. Should have checked it before. Quick change of gear to mobiles&co. A close shave! It’s costing $17 to fix but worth the quick amend.

I changed the product reporting spreadsheet to be more accurate and deal with changes of price if I decide to do a sale. Also if they price of the unit changes.

Day 11 Amazon FBA – Life admin day

Life admin and errands today.

Fabric sample arrived today from China. Seemed to only take a couple of days. Looks great but have some feedback. Looks a bit wonkey but might just be an oversight.

More sock samples ordered. I have to be patient for the orders. Too tempting to get them just manufactured.

I got the quote for the sock freight. Quite pricey for the train but still cheaper than air. I will have to sit tight and go with Sea.

Day 10 Amazon FBA – Italy kicks it through

Created the listing for my product set to arrive on 23rd April. Product number 1 is almost with us. Now they have got out of the Suez canal they’ve put their foot down. Infact it looks like Italy has kicked it through the med.

Over the weekend I got my sample pictures through of product number 3. Looks great with the white logo and red background.

For the socks I am going to be patient and order the sample. I should be able to see what it looks like from pictures. I don’t have a need to see it in the flesh. That would take a few weeks by air. – I could be wrong.

I made a mistake with the Scout bags. Two of them have the same bar code. So this caused confusion with FBA. To resolve this I duplicated the product and changed the image. I think there will be a cost to fixing this. But a valuable lesson learned. Not something that can be learned in a book or from a Podcast.

I requested quote for the bell from the middle of nowhere to Plumstead. The bell sample also looks good. Funny how the guy who’s doing all this work, I will never meet.

Not to mention
Finding some new structural engineers and three contractors for the house work.

A good start to the week!

Day 9 Amazon FBA – An expensive morning

So I bought my second and third product today. All transactions through Alibaba which should make things more secure. It’s a bit alarming sending all that money across the world but I am comforted by the markup on these items.

I spent some more time on the socks design. Apparently more people seem to buy black than white. I guess you have to go with market forces and what you think is right. I have hopefully made them more distinctive with the updated design. I don’t like the idea of just slapping my logo on. I think most of the guys in China have the app installed because they answer me a long time after home time, up to 9pm (Shanghai time). These will be sent hopefully by rail which should mean I won’t have to wait for two months for them to arrive. Perhaps three weeks.

Next week I will have to stop with the product development and look into marketing for the wheels.

Did some negative scanning for a client but good to know there is still demand out there.


Day 7 Amazon FBA – Grand day out

Today I got my first Notice of arrival from Davies Turner my freight forwarder. This is the notice to tell me the ship is due to be landing at Southampton on 23rd April and it contains my stuff. Apparently everything happens automatically. The FF does this all the time so I am putting my trust in them.

Today I caught up a friend of mine in Greenwich to download all I know from the past week.  Vincent is using the new print on demand service from Amazon which lets designers publish their own work without putting it in a print run. The Brompton bike is now coming into its own now – 30 minutes to Greenwich from Plumstead common.

Once I got back, I sent off artwork for the bell in illustrator format. I adjusted the yellow again. All I need to do now is pay and organise the FF to collect in about a weeks time. Hopefully next time I can order more than 2000 to get the costs down and put it in a nice box.


Day 6 Amazon FBA – Complete work

Bell completed artwork and contacted the freight forwarder to find out about using the train for the bells. I need to find out more of the items for delivery. Weight, dimensions number of boxes and when and where they need to be collected. I just need to make sure the bell colour matches the sticker.

The first FBA shipment went live and sold all 9 horns. I’m not sure how this happened as there are quite a few horns on there already. Perhaps it was a let me know when this is back in stock sale. Perhaps I will find out more about the sale once delivered.

I’m looking to a car accessory at the moment. Odly the sales in this are super high. It’s going out of my usual zone of bikes and outdoors. But who’s stopping me :o)

I find it’s a good idea to develop a business rapport with suppliers so they can get back to you as soon as possible and I don’t have to chase.